This is a job that I love doing and reviewing porn websites is something I really truly enjoy

14 years ago today, I actually got to review my first website for the company that just hired, it was a blog that is still the day operational and offers Pornstars Porn Videos and thanks to that very honest review I gave about this astonishing websites, I moved up in the ranks and actually the five years open up my own review company and still today that is exactly what I do.

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Another thing that occurred this week 14 years ago was that I had sex with the girl that you see in the photograph above, though she is not one of those Live Pornstars even if she had all the talent to do so, however I know for a fact that she is married and she has children and I truly do hope that she will never get to see this blog post, because something tells me I could be in a lot of trouble LOL.

Naturally if she was a little younger, consider that the time that I took the photograph she was 42 years old, so he most probably if the six, she could have been one of these Blonde ex Girlfriend Photos pin-ups, I want know what you doing right now, I wonder if she is still married to that poor guy that she has cheated on at least 250 times with at least 190 different people.